X Shirt



Product Description

The X-Shirt is an undershirt with ballistic protection than can comfortably be worn underneath everyday clothing. It uses a customized compression athletic shirt designed to hold the BlackArmor CNT ballistic panels. Each Panel consists of armor that has been NIJ certified to withstand bullets from the most commonly used handguns; including the 9mm and .357 mag. The Shirt alone does not have any ballistic qualities, only in conjunction with the BlackArmor CNT Flexible Inserts is the X-Shirt bulletproof. The design of the X-Shirt provides protection to the body’s vital organs.

The BlackArmor CNT Flexible inserts can be removed and interchangeable between different X-Shirt carriers.

Additional Information


X-Shirt (carrier only), X-Shirt (Carrier and Front Insert), Full X-Shirt (Carrier, both front and back inserts)


Grey, Navy, Black, Red, White


S, M, L, XL